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KM = Knowledge Management *


K2F2 = Know your Farmer Know your Food *



AIP = Aging_In_Place *

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Our Service focus on:



Economic development via AIP & AgriTourism Preserving Agriculture Heritage-Water &Land


Promoting "Aging In Place" = AIP *
with Affordable Housing Movement and

K2F2 = Know your Farmer, Know your Food"

 Citizens Task Force
Volunteer in 2015/16, contributed to

Brighton's Long Range-Comprehensive Plan


Joint City of Brighton &

Adams County's

"District Plan Commission"

Interest in advancing 

*AIP=Aging In Place

in combination with MultiGenerational-MultiCultural Affordable Co-Op / CoHousing and

 Small Farm operations

Focus on local
Private, Public, & Charitable organizations

Both Large and Small



"Know your Farmer ...
Know your Food" = K2F2 *


Enhance Safe Food Production/Distribution

via Public and Private CoOperation via local  the

"Farm to Table" movement

Grow and Support 

Economic Development via AgriTourism and

support for Small Farms & Boutique Food Production

Maintain our Historical Agriculture History while preserving - protecting

Farm Lands and Open Spaces

Provide affordable housing for active Seniors with interests in "Farm To Table"

Together, we can grow Brighton, Adams County
and neighboring communities

... while Generating more

Revenue and Profits for your company

 by reducing on-boarding expenses

for your Operations & Shareholders



Strategic Business Planning via
Applied "Knowledge Management" = KM  *


Develope Custom KM Systems
(For definition click on LINK below)

Specific KM Services include:

Design, Implementation, Facilitation,
wtih ongoing Maintenance of  

> Virtual "Team Rooms"

targeting companywide communications for
Staff, Clients, & Customers

-  BY  -

> Maximizing and Capturing
your organization's existing:

> Human Knowledge Assets to

Enhance your Bottomline by:

>Reducing 'On-Boarding' expenses

due to Turnover and Retirements


Personal Strategic Business Plan:

Faciltate the Creation/Development of:

GreenBuildr-BRIGHTON as a State Of Art Controlled Environment Greenhouse (CEA)

as a Public Benefit Corporation


> Integrity_Honesty_Transparency_Open Two-Way Communication

  Tag Line:  "Every problem has a Solution in hiding" .

> "Share your knowledge, It is a way to achieve immortality"

This is one of my favorite quotations from the Dali Lama XIV and represents my personal philosphy on being a Certified Management Consultant* (CMC) for 35 years and aspiratrion to:      "Pay It Forward"

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Based on our "Meet & Greet Coffee"  and Getting to Know Each Other - PLUS my learnings from a tour of your operation so I can do some homework research and then discuss a good time to return and share my thoughts to explore how my services may be of assistance